Have a Double Wedding on Magnetic Island. Save $1000s! Two Couples - One Wedding.

What a wonderful way to be wed. A Double Wedding on Magnetic Island. With Townsville Celebrant David Crusty Herron. Just think you'll be sharing your wedding ceremony, reception and celebrating with another couple you care for with you and your fiancé. And you'll have lifelong memories of a most unique experience.

A great idea if you are going to elope!

A major plus for making yours a double wedding is that the wedding costs are shared with your other couple. The cost of the main items such as  venue hire, venue flowers, transportation, catering and entertainment could be halved. Think about it.

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Think of a couple with whom you would like to share your wedding day. It could be a member of your family or your best friend. Someone with whom you have shared the same path of life. But never before like this. It' is a truly unique sharing experience to be married in this special way and there are so many positive aspects.

Here are just some of the positive aspects of a double wedding:
  • You will halve your wedding budget by sharing the cost with another couple .
  • Stress levels will be reduced. as you share the planning and organisation of the many aspects of the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Sharing your wedding day with a member of your family will be a fun, warm and memorable occaision for you and every one.
  • To share your wedding day with a friend can add a most meaningful dimension to your friendship.

Guests who are related to or are friends with both couples will benefit as a double wedding will not impose any extra financial burden on them – they will inevitably save money by attending one double wedding rather than two separate weddings (they will save on travel expenses, accommodation costs etc).

Sometimes when you choose to have a wedding at a destination such as Magnetic Island it can be quite a lonely experience as your family and friends may not be able to afford to travel to the destination with you. However, by sharing your wedding day with a friend or family member you will be guaranteed to have at least one other couple to share your wedding celebration with.

It is also possible that by having a joint, destination wedding, guests who know both couples are more likely to go to the expense of travelling out to witness the joint nuptials.

You can also consider sharing the cost of the wedding shower/bucks party between both couples. Nowadays the cost of these parties can easily get out of hand.

To divide the cost and responsibility for organising it between both couples and both bridal parties should decrease the cost whilst increasing the fun at your Magnetic Island or Townsville Wedding.

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