Magnetic Island Weather.


Magnetic Island Weather won't disappoint you, or your wedding guests, with around 320 days with sunshine a year.  So let's do some comparisons of the *average of Days with Rain and Fine Days a year for some Wedding Destinations around Oz. We'll start with Cairns and head south...

Cairns, in the Wet Tropics -
154 rainy days and 211 fine days

Townsville in the Dry Tropics -
 62 rainy days and 304 fine days

Magnetic Island in the Dry Tropics, just 8klms east from Townsville, has to suffer an average 320 days with sunshine

Whitsundays/Airlie Beach/Daydream in the Wet Tropics
111 rainy days and 254 fine days

Sunshine Coast/Noosa, in the Temperate Zone 
111 rainy days and 254 fine days

Brisbane, in the Temperate Zone - 
114 rainy days and 250 fine Days

Gold Coast, in the Temperate Zone -
135.7 rainy days and 220 fine days

Byron Bay -
125 rainy days and 240 fine days

Sydney -
95 rainy days and 270 fine Days

Melbourne -
146 rainy days and 219 fine days

Burnie -
108 rainy days and 276 fine days

Hobart -
82 rainy days and 283 fine days

Adelaide -
76 rainy days and 289 fine days

Perth -
83 rainy days and 282 fine days

So where are you having your Tropical Island Wedding Ceremony?  Magnetic Island is not Noosa or the Gold Coast, but she does have; 23 beaches & bays, coral reefs just metres off shore, everything you need for your wedding day in the Dry Tropics - and the best wedding weather on the coast of Oz every year.

 Today's Weather (from Weatherzone, and see 'Note' below)
*Original data for this comparative interpretation was sourced from BOM & Weather Zone. The Number of Rainy Days & Fine Days at each location was for the period Jan 1981 – May 2016. Note: Weather conditions on Magnetic Island vary from that in Australia, The BIG Island off the coast of Magnetic Island. Oh-alright-then, varies from that of Townsville, the Capital of North Queensland. BOM Weather.

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