Considerations for Island & Beach Wedding Locations


For Island & Beach weddings, Magnetic Island and surrounding areas are in the dry tropics so her beautiful venues have unique considerations.

Periodically sun and insects may cause slight discomfort. If you think that the sun and insects could be a problem; use sunscreen (many make-up bases contain sunscreen) and, if necessary arrange shelter for both your guests and yourselves, eg umbrellas, particularly for the young, aged or infirm; have some suitable repellent available for yourself and your guests, just in case (Liquid repellent such as Rid seem to work better than sprays or roll-ons). However, Insects are NOT usually a problem.

Your Wedding Checklist

If your ceremony or part of it is taking place at one of the 23 beaches and bays of Magnetic Island, or some other outdoor location, it may be a beautiful place but please, consider the following well before the wedding day:
  • Suitable attire for the season and location. Shoes or no shoes.
  • Lighting. shade, shadow, glare, sunlight.
  • Available conveniences, eg toilets, water? 
  • There are no 'Bathrooms' on the beach. (bathrooms are not toilets! A bathroom has a bathtub!)
  • Distance from transport? For you, your guests wedding setup providers.
  • How will you and your guests travel to and from the location?
  • Who will carry and arrange any furniture, shelter, flowers and other necessities such as refreshments?
  • Rubbish disposal.  If no bins are available use garbage bags for rubbish.
  • Who will tidy up?  It is illegal to litter. Paper confetti is not permitted in National Parks (70% of the Island) and on most Council and many commercial  venues. Use flowers, petals and/or bubbles.
  • Cool Storage may be required for floral arrangements
  • Beaches & many other outdoor locations have no available power.
  • Check for noise.  Crowds and traffic.
  • Amplified recorded music can sometimes be lost amid natures sounds at some locations.
  • Live acoustic music is often better heard than CDs or iPods if positioned correctly according to prevailing  conditions.
  • If your venue is on board a vessel off Magnetic Island there are additional considerations.  Discuss these with your celebrant and the operator of the vessel.
We at hope that this information has been of some assistance. Let us Know.

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