Magnetic Island Wedding Ceremony Locations & Venues


Wedding Ceremony Locations, Twin Palms, Alma bay, Magnetic island

The venue or location for your island ceremony is limited only by your imagination.  Magnetic Island offers a vast array of unique places on land such as; beaches, attractions, parks, gardens, reception- venues with natural settings, clubs, hotels, and marine venues.  Boats of varying types and capacity are available if you wish.  
A letter of permission or a permit may be required for some venues. Your celebrant will advise you as to which authority has jurisdiction if any.

The Townsville City Council does not have jurisdiction over Arthur Bay, Florence Bay & several other locations on Maggie's beaches & bays. Check your location requirements with your celebrant before you book with the council.

For all Townsville City Council Controlled parklands, foreshores and some beaches 

Phone: 1300 878 001 to discuss availability for your event or ceremony, or
go to: Townsville City Council Open Space Bookings. Fees & Charges apply.  

The Maximum TCC Fee for a wedding ceremony is $100.00 for 1 Hour.
See Fees & Charges  page5 - Ceremonies

For Other Beach & Bay Locations; Most of the actual beaches & bays around Magnetic Island are in the jurisdiction of DERM (Department of Environmental & Resource Management)  Generally No permit is required. Ask your celebrant

About Government controlled ceremony locations fees & charges. The Facts

If you have decided on an outdoor venue, please also select an alternative venue in case of inclement weather.

And, if you didn't know, Tropical Magnetic Island has 23 Beaches and Bays, Coral Reefs just metres offshore, - 320 Days of Sunshine every year and it's Saturday seven days a week. - Magnetic Island is not a 'One Resort Island - it's a One Island Resort.
For more information about locations Contact Us or your celebrant obligation free. We are here to help.

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